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منبع : خسروانی

دانلود کتب، پایان نامه و مقالات مربوط به پایداری شیروانی ها

Slope Stability

Earth manual, Part 1

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes Design and Construction Guidelines,

Corrosion/Degradation of Soil Reinforcements for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls and Reinforced Slopes

Long-term stability of clay slopes

Characterization and Measurement of Discontinuities in Rock Slopes

Evaluation of Stability Parameters for Landfills

 Long-term effects of excavations at crests of slopes - Part 2 -Part 3

Comparison of Computer Programs for Analysis of Reinforced Slopes

Stress Path and instability around mine openings

Detecting Problems with Mine Slope Stability

Rock Slope Analysis based on Digital Terrain Models

Stability Analysis of a Rock Slope on the Bristen Road using AutoBlock

Computer Program AutoBlock for Analyzing the Stability of Foundations and Slopes in Rock based on a Digital Terrain Model

Decision making in slope and foundation engineering

An atmospheric chamber for the investigation of the effect of seasonal moisture changes on clay slopes

The use of centrifuge modelling to investigate progressive failure of overconsolidated clay embankments

Modelling the Effects of Vegetation on Stability of Slopes

Rock Slope Analysis based on Digital Terrain Models

Landslide Risk Management Concepts And Guidelines

The Selection of Soil Strength for a Stability Analysis

Lateral Spreading of slopes; Data report on tests SKH-5-12

Shear Band Propagation in an Infinite Slope

Could diffuse modes of failure be analysed by a material instability condition ?

slopes and torrents in till and coarse -grained sediments and run-off conditions ? Guidelines for detailed investigation of Stability 

A slope stability reliability model

A probabilistic investigation of c - phi slope stability

Influence of soil strength spatial variability on the stability of an undrained clay slope by finite elements

Investigation of a slope instability at Amuay, Venezuela

Landslide risk along Lake Roosevelt

A landslide risk rating system for the Baguio City, Philippines area

Limit Analysis vs. Limit Equilibrium for Slope Stability Assessment

Limit Analysis of Soil Slopes Subjected to Porewater Pressures

Limit Analysis vs. Limit Equilibrium for Slope Stability Assessment

Centrifuge Studies of Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Slopes

Kinematics and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis of Landslide Movement

Centrifuge Model Studies of the Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Slopes

Characteristics of Seismically Induced Landslides in Recent Earthquakes

Case Study: Compacted Embankment Landslide in Grady County, Oklahoma

A Simplex Analysis of Slope Stability

Investigation on the method of middle and short prognosis of landslides

The pre and post failure deformation behaviour of soil slopes

Numerical study of a potential landslide in the Swiss Alps

Analysis of a deep seated slope failure in the Alps

FEM applied in hydro-mechanical coupled analysis of a slope

Evolution of natural slopes subject to weathering: An analytical and numerical study

Slope stability assessment of weathered clay by using field data and computer

modelling: a case study from Budapest

Landslide hazards assessment and uncertainties

تاريخ : پنجشنبه 21 مرداد1389 | 16:34 | نویسنده : مهندس حسن فراهانی
منبع : سیویل استارز

نرم افزار آنالیز پایداری شیروانی های سنگی RockWare.RockPack.III.v3.1 


[تصویر: rkpkdemo2b.jpg]


RockPack III is a package of programs useful for all phases of rock slope analysis and design where stability is controlled by the orientations and characteristics of rock mass discontinuities (joints, bedding, foliations, faults, etc). RockPack III is applicable to practically all rock excavations, including highway roadcuts, quarries, mines, and building excavations.

RockPack III is designed to support the user from data collection through geologic analysis by stereonet to safety factor calculations by limit equilibrium methods and finally to slope design and design of artificial support if required. Capabilities include computerized field data collection, stereonet analyses to identify possible failure types, safety factor calculations for potential failures, and design of rockbolt or cable support, to mention only a few. 

لینک دانلود همراه کرک:

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منبع : سیویل استارز(سایت سابق)

تحلیل پایداری شیروانی سد خاکی

(TALREN4 v2.03+Patch)
TALREN 4 is ideal for checking the stability of geotechnical structures, with or without reinforcements: natural slopes, cut or fill slopes, earth dams or dikes. It takes into account various types of reinforcements such as: anchors and soil nails, piles and micropiles, geotextiles and geogrids, steel and polymer strips

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